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    5 ADAM CLARKE (Hitchin)
    2024-04-08 07:06:18

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    4 JOHN (Rawtenstall)
    2024-04-03 10:37:55

    Friendly & efficient service. We used the shop directly on the slopes which was perfect for storing at the end of each day.

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    5 WIL (London)
    2024-03-20 19:10:26

    Excellent service. Quick and simple.

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    4 PAULO (Sao Paulo)
    2024-03-12 19:23:36

    I liked the board. But there were few options tô choose. In really, for the medium conditions that i was looking for, there was only the board that i rentes. But the staff were very nice. Waxed and diz the edge before giving me the board. That helped so much the performance at the Mountain. Thank u

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    5 IVO (Deinze)
    2024-03-11 20:47:03

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    4 DUARTE (Santa Cruz)
    2024-03-11 17:49:56

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    5 RICHARD (Hinxton )
    2024-03-10 19:23:58

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    4 ALAN (Exeter)
    2024-03-03 18:20:52

    Well located (we used the one that fronted the slopes). Staff were attentive, can also store equipment there overnight for small extra charge.

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    5 IVAN YORDANOV (London)
    2024-02-29 19:04:51

    Very helpful and knowledegbe.

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    3 JOHAN (Halmstad)
    2024-02-26 19:17:07

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    5 DANIEL (Chester)
    2024-02-25 19:10:35

    Excellent friendly staff

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    4 KHALID (Reinach BL)
    2024-02-23 10:42:53

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    4 THOMAS (Kullavik)
    2024-02-20 22:18:48

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    5 JANNO (Tallinn)
    2024-02-20 08:05:37

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    5 SARAH (Bristol)
    2024-02-12 19:36:39

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    5 OSKARSSON (Nynäshamn)
    2024-02-12 19:16:56

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    5 HANSSON (Munkedal)
    2024-02-09 09:46:39

    Easy to rent good stuff and equipment. Good prices as well.

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    5 LUKE (London)
    2024-02-07 13:17:27

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    5 SIMON (Conwy)
    2024-02-06 20:33:43

    Lovely and helpful people. Extremely patient with ensuring I had the right equipment. As well as all the items I hired being in fantastic condition

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    4 EMRE (Stockholm)
    2024-02-05 21:48:09

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    2024-02-05 20:23:34

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    5 KEREM (London)
    2024-02-05 19:26:02

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    5 MEEUWENS (hoegaarden)
    2024-01-30 09:18:15

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    2024-01-27 11:37:49

    The two gentlemen running the shop were courteous and professional. They were quick to help when I needed to change my ski boots giving me various options for a more comfortable fit.

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    5 JEREMY (Ta Xbiex)
    2024-01-22 19:48:42

    The booking process was extremely easy and the staff were very helpful and accommodating. The shop stays open late which is even better when initially renting and returning equipment. Highly HIGHLY reccomend.

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    5 BARRY (Hassocks)
    2024-01-17 12:14:35

    Really great staff, helpful and quick, thoroughly recommend

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    5 JESPER MANDRUP (Copenhagen, NV)
    2024-01-16 15:45:23

    Wonderful shop with very helpful staff! We rented ski equipment with no previous experience. We got great help deciding what we needed and how boots needed to fit. We needed to exchange the boots to a different size, and again, the staff was incredibly helpful and nice. Strongly recommended for ski rental!

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    4 JESPER (Ballerup)
    2024-01-13 11:53:37

    Very good service and helpful personale

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    5 WAYNE (Moreton-in-Marsh)
    2024-01-10 12:59:11

    Superb friendly service at great prices

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    5 NEIL (Seattle)
    2024-01-09 19:19:25

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    5 ADAM (Sheffield)
    2024-01-08 19:18:19

    Super helpful and attentive staff. They were very friendly and patient with our kids. Equipment was great quality.

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    5 GREGORY (Louth)
    2023-12-25 19:06:48

    Very friendly, helped me save some money as the hotel I was staying at had ski storage and they knocked this off the bill. Quick and easy to get the equipment and based at the start of the ski slopes we were on the piste in no time. Happy to recommend to others and if I go back to Sestriere I will use them again

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    5 EVGENY (Metar)
    2023-09-23 15:33:09

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    5 MARK (Ayr)
    2023-09-23 15:32:59

    Great staff, supportive and efficient!

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    5 IAN (glasgow)
    2023-09-23 15:32:56

    Very helpful staff, no issues with the snowboard supplied, brought my own boots, would definitely recommend using them to hire a snowboard.

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    5 TIMOTHY (Higher Sutton)
    2023-09-23 15:32:53

    Very friendly staff. Good storage. Could not be more convenient for the slopes

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    5 GREG (Stourbridge)
    2023-09-23 15:32:33

    Friendly staff, with good English, (as we are useless at Italian!). Speedy service and easy return. Thank you

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    5 MACIEJ (Krakow)
    2023-09-23 15:32:31

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    5 WOJCIECH (Kraków)
    2023-09-23 15:32:26

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    5 HARRY (London)
    2023-09-23 15:31:50

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    5 FELKER (Guénange)
    2023-09-23 15:31:48

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    4 MARK (bridgnorth)
    2023-09-23 15:31:40

    Can't fault them and will certainly use next time.

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    4 IAN (Bedford)
    2023-05-04 16:03:35

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    4 CRAIG (Glasgow)
    2023-03-11 21:10:32

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    5 THOMAS (Southport)
    2023-03-07 21:22:45

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    4 MATS (Växjö)
    2023-03-02 17:19:49

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    2 AIGARS (Riga)
    2023-03-01 15:39:00

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    5 MAGNUS (Katrineholm)
    2023-02-28 11:42:38

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    5 BENNET (London)
    2023-02-26 22:39:42

    Very friendly, efficient and super convenient shop. Excellent place to store your skis and be able to go straight to the bars for some apres ski!!

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    5 MARK (London)
    2023-02-20 23:53:00

    Excellent service as always. Had brand new boots, skis needed sharpening but done overnight and left for us in the morning. Only down side was it was very warm inside.

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    4 ROB (London)
    2023-02-20 20:41:10

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    5 DECLAN (Letterkenny)
    2023-02-17 00:33:04

    Excellent service. Booked online and called in the morning after we arrived at the opening time. Boots and boards were out together in a few minutes and we were happily on our way. Great customer service and a friendly chat.

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    5 MIHNEA-CODRIN (Iasi)
    2023-02-15 11:11:42

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    5 STEVE (Glossop)
    2023-02-09 10:28:27

    Great customer service - my skis had not been serviced when I went to collect, so they did a quick service and offered me to change skis midweek or come in for a midweek wax.

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    5 EMMET (Castleblayney)
    2023-02-07 22:27:04

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    2023-02-07 19:43:18

    Excellent service. My skis were taken one afternoon and they replaced them immediately then phoned to let me know they had been found.

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    2 SAMUEL (London)
    2023-01-30 19:22:01

    3 boarders in our group rented from here, we each went back several times. They originally tried to give me a board that was far too long, then the board I did get had broken bindings, they also completely ignored my requested stance angles. My partner's board also had broken bindings, and when we returned, they twice tried to fit two left bindings. The final boarder in our group also had to return his board as he had issues, and they tried to give him one with a completely massacred base, then forced him to go to the Sport shop around the corner to get it waxed. This whole ordeal has finally pushed me to buy my own board. 2 stars, as they were relatively friendly, despite the incomptence.

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    5 ANDREW (Farnham Common, Slough)
    2023-01-25 19:01:46

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    5 DAVID (Wicklow)
    2023-01-22 11:54:39

    Very good service and equipment. We extended our hire by 1 day and it was no problem and only took 1 minute. We will be back.

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    5 BEVERLEY (Swansea)
    2023-01-18 01:31:38

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    2022-12-13 22:48:31

    Extremely good service and good quality equipment. Would recommend totally!

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    4 KAT (London)
    2022-08-25 12:14:08

    The shop is right in the town centre where there is a chairlift . So it’s very convenient for those who stay in the town centre of Sestriere. Staff are very good and helpful. It’s easy and simple process and prices are competitive. Ski Equipment are good quality but quite old. I paid more for “gold” level for my son than for my silver level. But I didn’t see any difference between the two sets. Overall it’s a positive experience

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    5 RYO (London)
    2022-08-25 12:13:38

    Great equipment, friendly staff, good prices

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    3 BJøRN TORE (Knarrevik)
    2022-08-25 12:13:32

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    5 MARK (London)
    2022-08-25 12:13:26

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    5 MARCO (Pisa)
    2022-08-25 12:13:01

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    4 TREVOR (Abingdon)
    2022-08-15 11:28:10

    Staff were very friendly and helpful

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    5 PHILLIP (Edinburgh)
    2022-08-15 11:28:08

    Quick, friendly, helpful and all round a great experience. Thanks for helping make a great week.

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    5 DEIRDRE (Westport Road)
    2022-08-15 11:27:55

    Marcellin Sport couldn't have been more accomadating for my sister and I who were renting snowboards for a week. The ease of service really added to our holiday. Really friendly group of workers. 5 star out of 5!

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    5 IAN (London)
    2022-08-15 11:27:48

    Good efficient service from people who know what they’re talking about.

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    4 AARI (Tallinn)
    2022-08-15 11:27:46

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    5 ADAM (Hitchin)
    2022-08-15 11:27:42

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    5 PATRICK (Dublin)
    2022-03-04 20:36:58

    Good friendly efficient service.

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    5 CHRIS (Macclesfield)
    2022-03-01 21:46:45

    Excellent Service

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    5 ROBERT (Parma)
    2022-02-28 19:27:30

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    5 DAVID (Newcastle upon tyne)
    2022-02-18 13:51:17

    Excellent service, easy to book equipment on line, great store location, friendly helpful staff and the real bonus was having a complementary ski and boot store on the piste.

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    2022-02-06 21:01:51

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    5 STEPHEN (Wheeling)
    2022-01-19 19:09:17

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    5 JENNI (Newtownards)
    2021-01-11 19:36:58

    Helpful friendly staff and hassle free hire/ return

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    5 DEREK (Glossop)
    2020-05-29 16:18:44

    Good price. Very efficient. Quick pick up and drop off. No problems at all.

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    5 ALLAN (Tunbridge Wells)
    2020-05-29 16:18:40

    Very helpful and friendly staff.

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    5 EMMA (Redhill)
    2020-05-29 16:18:35

    Friendly nice people offering an excellent service. Thank you so much.

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    4 ANNE MIEKE ()
    2020-03-11 21:51:46

    The people in the shop were very kind and helpfull. Everything was good!

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    5 LISA (Swindon)
    2020-02-28 14:16:41

    The staff were really helpful & knowledgable & we were very pleased with the equipment & service we had.

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    4 ARI ()
    2020-02-25 08:39:16

    The equipment we rented were good quality and the service was kind and helpful !

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    5 JAMES (Northampton)
    2020-02-24 21:19:48

    The staff at Marcellin Sport were excellent when my daughter had a problem with the ski boots she was renting from them. They allowed her to try on several different pairs of boots, and when there was still a problem they provided a brand new pair of boots for her to use. Excellent service!

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    4 CHRIS (London)
    2020-02-23 21:46:45

    Great service & skis. Right on the slopes. Quite tricky to find though & a bit cramped but lovely staff who were happy to change my boots part way through the rental.

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    5 SARAH (Aberdeen)
    2020-02-13 10:54:56

    Excellent, friendly, would use again

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    4 CLIO (Johanneshov)
    2020-02-12 11:17:41

    The ski were very good in terms of quality, edge, and wax. But they were quite used, the boots as well. Strictly aesthetically speaking they looked old. The helmet was new and the adjustable poles very convenient. The staff was efficient and helpful, and everything went extremely smoothly with the online booking.

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    5 DANIEL (Slough)
    2020-02-12 11:12:46

    Great customer service, very helpful. Excellent location, although it is a little tricky to find at first.

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    5 HUCK (Bromley)
    2020-02-12 11:12:36

    Excellent!! We are a group of 10 people and all equipment were ready for all of us before we arrived!!

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    5 BOUIX ()
    2020-02-12 11:12:08

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    5 ALAN ()
    2020-02-12 11:12:02

    Friendly and helpful, also efficient, with excellent equipment.

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    5 DMITRY (Petach Tikva)
    2020-02-12 11:11:39

    very proffesional service and good exuipment

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    4 CHRIS (Norwich)
    2020-01-21 11:32:52

  • Person icon
    5 KEES (Leeds)
    2020-01-21 11:32:42

    Great location, great service. Thanks guys.

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    5 PAVEL (Cupertino)
    2020-01-21 11:01:51

    The Marcellin staff is friendly, efficient, and have no trouble communicating in English. We rented a six-day package for a family of 4. My wife's boots turned out to be too small, hurting her feet on the first day. Next day we returned to the shop and were quickly given a larger pair of the same type. The rest of the equipment worked very well and was good quality for the price. I would definitely rent from Marcellin again.